11/8/2019 2:18:28 AM

ASIA Congress a resounding success

ASIA Congress a resounding success

Doha, Qatar: The fourth ‘Association of Sports Institutes in Asia’ (ASIA) congress came to a glorious conclusion at Aspire Academy on Thursday. 

The gala dinner held at Doha’s La Cigale Hotel saw the acknowledgement and honouring of sponsors, partners and speakers at the Congress. Dr Duncan Simpson Head of Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy gave a presentation on supporting staff wellbeing before the guests tucked into their dinner.

In his delivery, Dr Simpson underscored the importance of high-performance sports staff embracing awareness of one’s wellbeing and when to say No and Yes at workplace in order to maximise the best of one’s output. Dr Simpson summed up his presentation with the ABC of Awareness, Balance and Connection, as the key cogs of a health and sound outlook to supporting and maintaining employees’ physical and mental health at work.

Dr Daniel Lee, Associate Director of Elite Training Science & Technology at Hong Kong Sports Institute, gave a vote of thanks to wind up the evening, “To Aspire Academy our hosts who have put together a successful Congress and gave all participants a warm hospitality we say thank you. We are also grateful to ASIA Committee members and organisers, sponsors, partners and speakers."

Dr Philip Graham Smith, Head of Biochemistry and Innovation at Aspire Academy in summing up the ASIA Congress on its conclusion said, “The 4th ASIA Congress has exceeded expectations in what we were able to accomplish over the three days. It was a great opportunity for our Aspire Academy high performance sports coaches and staff to meet, interact and exchange collaborative ideas with like-minded colleagues from Asia as well as hearing from an international professional in sports science innovation.

The Congress allowed all participants to network and explore opportunities for working together on among other things, training camps and knowledge and information sharing. This has been done with an open-minded attitude to learn with the right spirit to share and led to many fruitful and beneficial contacts and partnerships. All in all, the 4th ASIA Congress has been a success.”  


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