10/9/2018 4:12:00 PM

Aspire Academy celebrates 8th Global Citizenship Day

Aspire Academy celebrates 8th Global Citizenship Day

Doha, Qatar: Aspire Academy Dormitory Green Area was awash with colours from more than 60 national flags as the Academy celebrated the 8th annual “Aspire Global Citizenship Day”, bringing more than 65 nationalities and their unique cultures together under one roof. Aspire Academy organises the event each year to celebrate and introduce student-athletes to cultural and ethnic diversity that is paramount to the success of the Academy.

To mark the event, Aspire Academy staff turned out in outfits and regalia representative of their countries of origin while showcasing some of their different countries heritage, foods, historical artefacts and other exhibits. Teachers were joined by parents and staff from different foreign embassies in Qatar at their respective national stands where they were on hand to explain their exhibitions to all who passed by.

Speaking about the event, School Principal at Aspire Academy Jassim Al Jaber said: “Aspire Academy is made up of staff and students who come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds, which presents a unique learning opportunity for students. The Academy’s diverse workforce exposes student-athletes to people from all over the world, helping develop well-rounded, adaptable and well-educated sports champions.”

Salah Al Yafii, Head of Leadership Development at Aspire Academy School added: “Aspire Global Citizenship Day is one of the highlights of our academic year and brings an immense amount of enjoyment and satisfaction to all involved. The value and importance of this annual celebration to our community is immense and we learn so much more from each other. You can clearly see it is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved and the turnout is huge, especially from students.”

“This is a fantastic initiative from Aspire, which allows our students to see and experience different cultures from around the world. As international athletes, our students should be exposed to these type of initiatives and opportunities, so they can experience these before they travel and as they interact with people from around the world,” said John Erickson, Education Technology Specialist at Aspire from the U.S.

Aspire students thronged to the Green Area, and one of them, Hamad Al Amri, remarked, “This initiative helps me learn about other countries and when l travel for competitions to some of these places the knowledge l already have gathered from Aspire’s Global Citizenship Days comes in handy, so it’s a really helpful and enjoyable event.”   

Adding on to the remarks one of the event organisers, Mohamed Ali Alserooqi, Aspire Academy School Leadership Development team said, “There are more than 60 nationalities from around the world at Aspire Academy, which presents a unique opportunity for the students and faculty to learn about and interact with different cultures and traditions, gaining valuable insights. This day plays a critical role in supporting our efforts to develop students who possess a well-rounded global perspective.”

The concept of Global Citizenship Day is a key pillar in Aspire Academy’s educational philosophy and supports the Academy’s different approaches to multicultural education, education for sustainable development and international education. The Academy’s efforts to organise such an event stems from its belief in the role of educators as agents of social change, bringing new perspectives on understanding the self in relation to a global community within the holistic educational experience for the Academy’s student-athletes. This perspective follows a curriculum that attends to human values and beliefs, global systems, issues, history and cross-cultural understandings.

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