12/27/2017 7:48:47 PM

Aspire Academy holds ‘Secrets to Excellence’ session for parents

Aspire Academy holds ‘Secrets to Excellence’ session for parents

Doha: Aspire Academy organised an innovative interactive session for parents on Tuesday under the theme of the “Secrets to Excellence” to demonstrate how positive behaviour changes can stimulate brain development and enhance performance in student-athletes and young people.

The attendees received presentations from three of Qatar’s most prominent Pedagogical and Psychological experts, including the educational adviser and radio presenter Dr Abdulrahman Al-Harami, Muhammad Al-Anzi, the Psychological Consultant at Aspire Academy and Dr Jamil Babli, the Head of Academic Support Department at the academy.

During the interactive session, parents had the chance to engage with the three experts and ask questions about the sessions and head about the latest research findings on how positive behavioural changes can motivate the performance of their children.

 “We all believe that in order to positively change the behaviour of our students we need involvement and commitment from both parents and teachers. The turnout today demonstrates the common understanding among us. We hope that everyone who attended took something away with them that will help them positively change the behaviour of their own children and help them become better student-athletes at the Aspire Academy in future years who perform to their best”, Dr Al Harami said.

Al Anzi discussed brain development and its role in the growth of athletes, saying: “New researches indicate that brains cells don’t stop development at a certain age as they continue to evolve. This demonstrates that human beings should not stop learning and developing and should always remain active. As for the positive behaviour change, this is an essential tool to the development of the brain of our children.”

Meanwhile, Dr Babli unveiled the academy’s ongoing efforts to apply the latest human brain research findings on increasing both the academic and sports performance of student-athletes.

He said that the academy was currently implementing models that track and analyse brain signals. Based on the results of this analysis, neurologists structure a protocol in collaboration with educators and coaches that leads to the development and improvement of student-athlete’s attention spans and emotional stability to help them eventually achieve excellence. 

Aspire Academy promotes responsive educational environments and intercultural experiences to develop the student-athletes’ academic potential. Through personalised learning programmes and 21st-century technology, the Academy develops responsible learners as it inspires every student-athlete to make valued contributions to the local and global community.

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