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Aspire Zone Foundation gets ready for National Sport Day

Aspire Zone Foundation gets ready for National Sport Day

Doha, Qatar: Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has unveiled its programme for Qatar’s National Sport Day (QNSD) that is scheduled to commence in two weeks.

The diverse programme of activities organised by the AZF has evolved over the years, attracting thousands of residents and reflecting AZF’s pivotal role in enhancing sports culture within the State of Qatar. AZF announced 26 sporting activities that will take place across several Aspire Zone and Aspire Dome sites.

Commenting on the NSD preparations, Nasser Abdullah Al Hajri, Chairman of the NSD Organising Committee at AZF, said: “Every year, we challenge ourselves to offer a variety of new and exciting sporting activities to sports fans in Qatar. Each year, we ensure that it’s a renewed experience that suits every member of the community in accordance to their fitness levels. This is a perfect opportunity for individuals, families and institutions to partake in a day full of physical activity and exercise.”

Al Hajri explained that AZF’s focus on promoting healthy lifestyles among the people of Qatar are perfectly aligned with the vision for NSD, with both initiatives working hand-in-hand to capitalize on the power of sports to bring about positive change in society.

Activities from morning to night

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a walk at Aspire Park, which will be open 24 hours. Numerous activities will also take place at the park from 8am to 3pm, while Aspire Zone will have its doors open to those who wish to enjoy sports for an extended stay.

Fun Run is back

The Fun Run has been the hallmark of NSD since it first edition. The Fun Run features a 2.5-kilometre course around Khalifa International Stadium and is a popular activity for families with children and mobility-challenged participants.

The run is open to all members of the community. Registration for the race will be open from 6. 30 to 7. 30 am, with the race starting at 8 am in the area between Khalifa International Stadium and the Torch Hotel.

Four new activities organised by Aspire Academy

Aspire Academy will present four new activities under the supervision of Education and Student Affairs department, focusing on team building and collaboration skills. The four games include: Crash Ball/Bubble Soccer, Foot Badminton, Human Baby Foot and Mega Boxes.

These games are scheduled in time slots between 8.30 am and 2 pm at Football Pitch 10.

Ladies and girls only activities

NSD celebrations at Aspire Zone will also include female-only activities suitable for all ages. Scheduled events include gymnastics, badminton, basketball and aerobics that will take place at Aspire Dome from 10:30am -1:00pm. The Multi Sports Development team will also organise sporting challenges geared towards families.

Activities at Aspire Dome

Aspire Dome will host a variety of activities for families, including running, hammer throwing, plyometric challenges, and a 200-meter bike race. Aspire Dome’s activities typically attract up to 2,500 people because they offer such a diverse and rewarding set of challenges for all ages, increasing endurance, strength and flexibility. The activities at the Dome will run from 10.30 am until 3 pm.

Aspetar to organise Nordic Walking

For the second consecutive year, Aspetar’s sports medicine department will organise Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking is low impact, delivers total body fitness, increases cardio fitness, burns more calories and activates 90% of the body’s muscles. It is a ‘total body’ version of walking that can be enjoyed by non-athletes as a healthy physical activity. The activity is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles.

The activity will be led by an accredited coach and will last for two hours. The starting point will be from Aspetar’s west wing. In addition to walking, the activity will include fun games and different exercises for stretching, balancing and conditioning.

Japanese Kendo show is back

Japanese martial arts events will be held on Football Pitch 10 from 9 am to 2 pm. AZF is also organising many activities for families and children on Football Pitch 10, including Taekwondo, kickboxing, and boxing. These activities will be running from 8 am to 2 pm.

AZF staff in focus

AZF will hold a number of events dedicated to its employees, including a morning marathon and a volleyball competition at Football Pitch 10.

AZF as host for the entire community

In addition to its own activities, AZF will also host a vast number of public and private sector entities celebrating NSD with their employees and the public. These include: Qatar Gas, Qafac, Qatar Development Bank, Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co (Nissan), Ali bin Ali, Sports Corner, Aura Entertainment Services, Kidzania and Ideal Solutions.


AZF will organise transportation for visitors from the parking lot located next to the Ladies Sports Hall at Aspire Zone from where visitors will be transferred to Football Pitch 10 from 8 am until 2 pm.

More details will be announced by the organising committee closer to NSD through the Life in Aspire mobile application, the Life in Aspire website www.lifeinaspire.qa/NSD and AZF’s various social media channels.

AZF invites all members of the community in Qatar to join its NSD celebrations and enjoy everything the Foundation has to offer in combining sports and physical activity with spectacular events.

The NSD activities at Aspire Zone are sponsored by: Qatar Gas and Qatar Development Bank (Main Sponsors), QAFAC (Event Partner), Aura Entertainment Services (Event partner), Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co (Nissan) and Sports Corner.

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