2/15/2017 7:44:36 AM

Aspire develops Dashboard to analyse players’ fitness

Aspire develops Dashboard to analyse players’ fitness

THE ASPIRE Academy launched the Qatar Football Analytics Dashboard, a technology tool to record a player’s performance with scientific analyses, at the two-day workshop, for national teams and Qatar Stars League clubs, which concluded in Doha last Monday.

The Dashboard, which will be used in the QSL matches from the 21st round, will include data of the distances covered by a player during matches and trainings. 

It will also contain the number of passes he made in comparison to team-mates along with a video analysis which will help coaches get a clear idea of his form and fitness. 

“Dashboard is a new technology made with the help of (German software company) SAP. It’ll contain data, linked with the team’s performance at matches and training sessions, that’ll help the national and club coaches. We’ve put a benchmark with a reference to national teams and the QSL,” ASPIRE Academy Director of Football Performance & Science Valter Di Salvo told Doha Stadium Plus.

The Dashboard represents the culmination of more than 18 months of work conducted by Di Salvo and his team at the academy, working closely with the Qatar Football Association and QSL.

“The technology isn’t used anywhere in the world. We’ve launched something unique because it’ll have some 60,000 connections on the platform,” he added.

“It’s primarily designed to support players by providing them with a detailed personal data and information on their performances. They’ll be able to push themselves hard and strive for excellence by using this data. Once he gets a clear understanding of his weaknesses, he’ll be able to work with coaches on improving his game,” Di Salvo said. 

Asked if a club could have access to rival teams’ data, Di Salvo said, “The teams can’t share or have access to others, but can only have a reference sheet provided by us.”

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