11/11/2017 3:29:01 PM

El Ouali shines the brightest at Aspire Park Run Challenge

El Ouali shines the brightest at Aspire Park Run Challenge

Doha: Seventeen-year-old Ilyass El Ouali finished in 19 minutes and 54 seconds to win the 6k race of the Aspire Park Run Challenge Series, organised by Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) on Saturday.

Mehdi Mersni came second after finishing in 20 minutes and 35 seconds, with Muawia Abdulrahman Balla, another young athlete from Aspire Academy, coming in third (20min, 56sec).

A total of 76 recreational runners competed with 7 Aspire Academy student-athletes in the 6K run.

Earlier in the 3k run, Abdulla Aziz secured first place after finishing in 9min, 46 sec. Ethan Bennett clocked 9min, 54sec to come second while Adnan Karmoussi, a young athlete from Aspire Academy, was third after completing the race in 10min, 10sec.  

 “It was great to compete in today’s event. Running on sand on the horse trail gave us a useful experience of different surfaces and is good preparation for cross-country competitions. I have just returned after a five-month break due to injury, so this race was great practice for me,” said Karmoussi.

Competitions like these are a great opportunity for student-athletes at Aspire Academy to see how we measure up and provide useful indicators of our performance leading up to the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics.”

Commenting on the competitions, Alanoud Al Mesnad, Acting Head of Events at AZF, said: “Aspire Zone always looks to provide a wide range of community events to give sports enthusiasts plenty of chances to enjoy their favourite sport. We had more than 100 participants take part so we’re very happy with the big turn out and involvement of large numbers of recreational runners in Qatar. Today’s event is part of a challenge series that will be resumed in early December when we’re expecting an even larger participation.”

 Meanwhile, El Ouali from Al Ahli Sports Club, praised the organisers by saying: “I’m very happy to have won the 6K run. I’ve been training very hard work for a number of years. The event was very well organised and I really enjoyed taking part. Students from Aspire Academy provided a very high standard of competition and I wish them all the best of luck.”

The second ‘Aspire Park Run’ race will be held on December 02 in Aspire Park, behind the Coffeeshop Company. Those interested can sign up through www.lifeinaspire.qa

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