1/26/2019 10:56:42 PM

‘Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire' for special needs makes a big splash

‘Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire

Doha: ‘Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire’, jointly organised by Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) and Freestyle Aquatics for people with special needs, witnessed 840 hours of aquatics training sessions since its launch in 2016.

The aquatic training sessions comprises of swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling lessons.

The non-profit programme trained 27 participants with special needs, aged 5 and above.

“Sports is not exclusive to a particular category of people, it is suitable for all ages and physical abilities. At Aspire Zone, we are always keen to support people with special needs through our world-class facilities, developed to the highest international standards,” said Nasser Abdullah Al-Hajri, AZF Director of PR and Communication.

The initiative was started in November, 2016 when AZF opened its indoor pool in Aspire Dome. It was co-founded by Kathleen Bates and Jojo Musa, two volunteer coaches from Freestyle Aquatics.

“This is the only programme in Qatar that provides swimming and diving training sessions under the supervision of specialised trainers that genuinely gave up their time for this humanitarian mission. We invite institutions and organisations to support this initiative as it contributes to positively changing the lives of individuals with special needs,” he added.

Commenting on the initiative, Kathleen Bates, co-founder and manager of Freestyle Aquatics said, “We’re incredibly proud that we’ve successfully provided more than 840 hours of training since the launch of AZF’s programme. Exercises are done on a regular basis with each individual at least twice a week. We thank them for all their hard work.” 
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