4/23/2019 5:49:50 PM

Hamza Ibn Abdulmutalib Independent wins Aspire Academy’s Life Skills competition for local schools

Hamza Ibn Abdulmutalib Independent wins Aspire Academy’s Life Skills competition for local schools

Doha, Qatar: Aspire Academy concluded on Tuesday its sixth Life Skills Competition, an annual tournament for private and independent schools that aims to inspire young people in Qatar to learn life and leadership skills.

The tournament is part of the regular academic activities of Aspire Academy’s Leadership Department’s Ehteraf  (becoming a pro) programme, an important initiative that teaches young student-athletes valuable life skills such as responsibility, respect for others, time management, teamwork and goal-setting.

The 2019’s edition featured 42 participants from Aspire Academy, Al Anadalus and Al Forqan Private Schools, Hamza Ibn Abdulmutalib Independent as well as Aljazeera and Al Maha Academies.

Speaking about the tournament, Abdulaziz Dalloul, Senior Life Skills Coach at Aspire Academy said: “This competition builds on Aspire Academy's existing efforts to develop young talents into future leaders by equipping them with strong teamwork and leadership skills in a safe and supportive learning environment.

The tournament included several challenges and team-building competitions such as football, basketball, swimming and mind games where students were granted points on a scoring system.

By the end of the three-hour competition, Hamza Ibn Abdulmutalib Independent were announced winners of the 2019 edition, while Aljazeera Academy came second, followed by Al Maha Academy.

Dalloul awarded the participating schools with medals and certificates of appreciation.

The Aspire Academy’s leadership program aims not only to make a difference in the student-athletes own lives but also the lives of others.

Aimed at all age groups, the programme focuses on developing students to enable them to take a lead on issues in their community, socially and as they develop into sports champions. Through the holistic leadership programme, student-athletes learn about important values of the Academy such as responsibility, discipline, respect, loyalty and team work.

Student-athletes also learn about the importance of peer coaching, constructive criticism, collaboration (through internal camps) and multi-culturalism, enabling students to apply life skills and leadership principles in a cross-cultural context. It also focuses on developing character and leadership qualities of a global citizen within the students.

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