12/14/2016 7:02:52 AM

I haven’t reached my best: Fan

I haven’t reached my best: Fan

KNOWN for his explosive footwork and forehand loops, China’s Fan Zhendong is a difficult opponent. The 19-year-old, who came close to upsetting compatriot Ma Long in the final last week, said his best was yet to come.

“It was a learning experience. I hope I can play better. I was nominated for the best male player since 2013, but haven’t won. It explains I’ve plenty of achievements but I haven’t reached my best,” said Fan, who won the year’s ITTF ‘Star Point’ award in Doha for his amazing shot against Frenchman Simon Gauzy at the World Tour Japan Open.

“It went viral. Everyone congratulated me. I consider it to be the most wonderful shot in my career,” he added.

Coached by Wang Hao and Ma Lin, Fan’s fearlessness makes him a favourite among the fans. 

“I aim for perfection. I hope to win something big in the future. For that I need to work a lot and be ready to challenge the world’s best,” said Fan. 

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