4/3/2019 7:05:34 PM

ICC seeks Interpol help to combat corruption in cricket

ICC seeks Interpol help to combat corruption in cricket

NEW DELHI, India: The International Cricket Council (ICC) will collaborate with Interpol as part of its ongoing efforts to combat corruptors in the game.

“Sport brings people together, but criminals looking to make large profits can undermine its integrity. Our meetings and cooperation with partners such as the ICC help us shape a collaborative, holistic response,” said Jose de Gracia, Assistant Director of INTERPOL’s Criminal Networks unit.

The General Manager of ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit, Alex Marshall, was at Interpol headquarters in Lyon last week to explore how the two organisations can operate more effectively.

“The ICC and Interpol are keen on working together and our meetings in Lyon last week were productive. The ICC has an excellent relationship with law enforcement agencies in a number of countries but working with Interpol means we are connecting with their 194 members," said Marshall. 

Corruption has hit the sport and recently, with Sri Lanka coming under fire from the international body while a Pakistan-origin coach in UAE was banned from cricket after he approached Pakistan cricker captain.  

“Our focus is on education of players and prevention and disruption of corruptors. Where our enquiries reveal criminal offences have been committed, we will refer this to the relevant law enforcement organisations and this makes Interpol an important partner for us," added Marshall. 

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