8/21/2016 4:07:13 AM

‘I’m passionate about bikes’

‘I’m passionate about bikes’

QATAR Rugby Federation (QRF) President Yousef Jeham Al Kuwari is the man responsible for reinvigorating the sport in the country. Though the QRF was formed only last year, Al Kuwari, a former American football player with semi-professional side Colorado Cougars during his college days in the US, gave the sport a boost with his proactive ways.

The QRF has hosted a couple of international competitions while Qatar’s victory at the Asian Championship Division 3 in April was another major achievement.

What other sports do you follow?

I like football very much. I follow the English Premier League, Spanish League, Italian League and Qatar Stars League (QSL).

Your favourite football club…

Qatar Sports Club, but unfortunately they were relegated from the QSL last season. As a youngster, I played for Qatar SC, a favourite team among Qataris.

What’re you passionate about?

I’m quite passionate about bikes. I’ve nine Harley Davidson bikes which I ride in the weekends and during holidays.


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