4/25/2018 7:56:14 PM

Iraq boxing chief freed after kidnapping

Iraq boxing chief freed after kidnapping

Baghdad, Iraq: The chief of Iraq's boxing federation, Bashar Mustafa, was released on Wednesday, a day after being kidnapped by masked gunmen, an official said.

Mustafa, originally from the northern Kurdish region of Dohuk, also serves as vice president of Iraq's Olympics committee.

"The interior ministry has informed us that Mustafa was released today, which is all we know at the moment," the committee's president, Raad Hammudi, told AFP.

"He is in the process of joining up with his family," he added.

A group of around 20 men in military uniforms abducted Mustafa on Tuesday at a fake checkpoint near the bridge in Musayyib, the boxing federation said.

The area is in what became known as the "triangle of death" following the US-led invasion of 2003.

In July 2006, the head of Iraq's Olympics Committee, Ahmed al-Hijia al-Samarrai, was kidnapped in Baghdad and never found again.

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