2/15/2017 7:43:28 AM

‘New technology will help Qatar improve game’

‘New technology will help Qatar improve game’

QATAR’S national coach Jorge Fossati thanked the ASPIRE Academy on the occasion of the launch of Qatar Football Analytics Dashboard and hoped it would help develop the sport in the country.

“Technology is always welcome in sports. The Dashboard is a nice piece of work done by Valter Di Salvo and his team. I’m sure it’ll help Qatar football,” Fossati told Doha Stadium Plus. “Science has a useful part to play in improving and developing players’ performance. Using this technology, a player can analyse his weaknesses and help the coaches prepare a team’s strategy.” 

ASPIRE Academy Deputy Director General Ali Salem Afifa, who is also Al Rayyan’s Football Head, said, “It’s a useful tool to support football development in Qatar. I hope there’ll be a strong interest in embracing this technology, which offers real potential to improve players’ performance.”

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