6/15/2019 2:34:01 AM

Qatar to host 2019 ANOC World Beach Games

Qatar to host 2019 ANOC World Beach Games

Lausanne, Switzerland: Doha has replaced American city of San Diego San as the hosts of World Beach Games, and will also organise the annual meeting of national Olympic bodies.

Qatar boasts spectacular oceanfront locations and is ready to provide the perfect setting for NOCs and their athletes to compete in exciting beach, action and water sports.

The Qatar government has provided ANOC with financial guarantees and has a proven track-record in successfully hosting international events, including world championships in swimming, handball, gymnastics and cycling.

In order to prevent disruption to the NOCs and their athletes, the sports programme will remain unchanged and the dates of the Games will be moved back just a few days to 12-16 October. There will also be no impact on the ongoing qualification process which has seen more than 70 NOCs qualify across the 14 sports, with athletes from up to 90 nations ultimately expected to compete.

Qatar will also host the ANOC General Assembly and ANOC Awards, which will now take place immediately after the Games on (17-18 October). NOC delegates attending the ANOC General Assembly will be invited to arrive in Qatar at the start of the Games so that all NOCs will be able to enjoy the inaugural event.

ANOC secretary general Gunilla Lindberg has claimed hosting the event in Qatar "makes prudent financial and sporting sense".

"Work has been continuing to ensure our inaugural ANOC World Beach Games is a universal, elite event, with more world-class athletes from around the world qualifying every week," said Lindberg.


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