11/18/2017 11:55:48 PM

Soccerex cancel Doha event at last minute

Soccerex cancel Doha event at last minute

Doha: Soccerex have cancelled their December 4-5 conference, saying on their website that the short notice was due to the blockade by Gulf neighbours.

"But this doesn’t seem to be the full story," www.insideworldfootball.com said in a report.

Qatar were sponsors conference that has previously been held in Lebanon and in April, 2018 will be hosted in another Asian Football Country (AFC) country in Shenzen, China.

A statement on the Soccerex website suggested that not only was the blockade a reason for cancellation, but that it had affected Qatari support for the event.

In fact, it is understood Qatar had paid its sponsorship but that negotiations had broken over the extension of the contract and a demand from Soccerex for a massive fee of £1.75 million.

The Soccerex statement blaming the blockade and intimating a lack of local support has now been removed from the their website, as has any trace that there was an event even planned in Qatar.

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