3/8/2017 8:26:17 AM

Values & pride

Values & pride

THE ASPIRE Academy will organise the Third Aspire for Education regional conference at the Ladies Club on March 13 and 14.

More than 200 attendees are expected for the conference to be held under the theme, ‘Our Values, Our Pride’, with eight workshops being lined up.

“We’ve invited a lot of experts from within Qatar as well as the Gulf and MENA regions. They’ll share their knowledge at the conference, which focuses on integrating values into academic curriculum,” said ASPIRE Academy Deputy Director General Ali Salem Afifa.

“We’re concentrating on values this time because we felt our children are getting more exposure through modern media tools, which have a big influence on them. We want to make sure that our student-athletes are graduated not just with sporting excellence, but also as men of principles because they’re going to represent our country. We want to make them true role models in every sense,” he added.

Education and Student Care Director Badr Al Hay said, “Integrating values into academic curriculum is something new to Qatar and we wanted to discuss it. We also have enough experience to share with students and parents. Other educators can also benefit from it.”

Leadership Development Programme Director Salah Al Yafi said, “Decision makers in the field of education need such programmes through which they can share the personalities of the youth who’ll one day be responsible in building this country.”

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