10/9/2019 4:26:06 PM

We are playing for victory, says Qatar coach Felix Sanchez

We are playing for victory, says Qatar coach Felix Sanchez

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Qatar coach Felix Sanchez on Wednesday said his team would play for a win in their Group E World Cup and Asian Cup joint qualifying match against Bangladesh.

“It is an important match for us. We have prepared well and this match will test all aspects of our preparation,” Sanchez said on Wednesday.

“We seek a positive result. We will be playing to win,” Sanchez added. “I hope the players do everything in their power to get the desired result,” Sanchez said.

Qatar beat Afghanistan 6-0 and then played a goalless draw against India last month.

Regarding changes in tactics and possible induction of fresh players, Sanchez said: “We will not go for new tactics.”

The Spaniard said: “The players are busy with league matches. Our goal is to provide our best and to go for a win in order to get the points.”

He added: “We do our work and strive for development and improvement and the ultimate goal is to have a good team participate in a competitive manner in the 2022 World Cup and the players are committed towards that goal. We will play hard but fair.”

As for the absence of key player Akram Afif, he said: “Everyone is ready to play the match. We will determine the playing XI after the last training session. Every player is ready to give 100 per cent. We will spare no effort to win this match.”

“I’m wary of the rain, and I have professional players who are able to play in every weather condition. We will do everything to get the three points,” Sanchez said.

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